Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why Jay Abraham Is the "Marlilyn Manson" Of TrendVisionary Biz

What in the world do
Jay Abraham and Marilyn Manson
in common? Well, superficially, little at all considering
what they are famous for. Obviously, Jay may be slightly more
"mainstream" than Marilyn, but in many ways both of them
are "artists" of a sort...Jay in business and Marilyn in
alternative rock.

You could say both are Freaks

Jay's confidence and skill at making individuals
and businesses filthy rich seems beyond human
and has some similarity to Manson's
confidence and skill at "shocking" rock fans with filthy,
outlandish yet luridly attractive imagery.
Both "artists" are uncommon tastes and both
offer more than meets the eye on first

The real difference between these two men
is the sincere commitment to help people get what they
want. Jay keeps raising the bar on himself to reach
average folks and raise us up by giving you
added value.

Manson seems to be satisfied to scare the
hell out you so that you don't get too close. He tweaks
our curiosity with parodies and mockeries of glamour
and appauls us with horror show nazi renditions of ballads
that seemingly attack corporate corruption.

Jay follows a classic tradition of passion and takes
calculated risks to re-invent himself as
Your Humble Servant desiring to
bring you obscene profits...
the antithesis of corporate corruption (which keeps all
the goodies)

Manson embraces classic pathologies and
capitalizes on our prurient interest in trainwrecks while
exploiting classic rock idioms of rebellion. Can You
imagine Manson re-inventing himself as a Christian Rocker?
I can, but I doubt Manson can shake his demons himself
without divine intervention.

But anything's possible,
especially if you think like Jay Abraham.

You know what a “Who’s Who” book is? It is one of those
monster-sized encyclopedias of the most influential
prestigious luminaries in different fields of endeavor.

Well, there’s one man who probably ranks at the top of
more who’s who and referrals in business-building than
any other single individual I know.

His name is Jay Abraham.

Odds are high you’ve heard of him before because his
reputation is almost mythical throughout the online &
offline world. He’s engineered more impressive
financial breakthroughs for more people in more types
of businesses, in more ways, in more countries, and in
more industries than almost any other person out there.

If I took the time to list his credentials, to
summarize the remarkable articles the press have
written about him, to list the hundreds of prominent
people he’s personally helped or riches to super-riches
success stories he’s single-handedly engineered and
orchestrated, it would take literally a thousand pages.

In fact, there are two thousand pages of case studies
alone that have been written about this man’s near
miraculous feats. He’s so good at what he does, he
commands $5,000 an hour---$40,000 a day when he does
it. People line up to pay him $25,000 each to
participate in his expensive seminars.

I want to introduce you to a brand new service this man
is launching today, right now. Expressly for people
like you who would benefit monstrously and wildly
profit from his help---but wouldn’t ordinarily be able
(or willing) to pay his staggering fees.

If you think this is hyperbole, think again. There’s a
report I’ve gained access to that I’d first love to
share with you. This man wrote it and it’s entitled
“Windfall Profits Paradox.” In one 32-page reading,
you’ll learn more ways to put a pot full of money in
your bank account than you’ve probably learned in your
entire business career.

To get your copy of his report, go to:

Jay Abraham "Insiders" Club Affiliate Program

It’s my incentive to you to stimulate you to
immediately investigate the impressive and enriching
proposition he’s come up with for business owners,
start-ups, entrepreneurs and self-employed people like
you. It’s exciting. It’s unparalleled, and frankly
it’s almost indescribable and indefinable.

I believe it’s the answer you’ve been searching for.
And with that, I will leave you purposely intrigued and
challenge you to trust me so that you can learn about
this all-important opportunity.

Yours truly,

William Whetstone

PS: One more thing. It’s important.

Because this generous man wants to reward every
business owner and entrepreneur who’s decisive and
takes action today--the first day of the launch of his
brand new service, he’s offering to gift you a $400
book that 60,000 business owners have paid almost $400
apiece to get their hands on. It is his famous called
“Money-Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham
and Other Marketing Wizards”.

I recommend and urge you to move fast. If you would
prefer to just read his executive overview of his brand
new service, everything is spelled out at:

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