Monday, June 20, 2005

Trends of Visionary Antipreneurs

Put Your creative energy into building Alternative Businesses with bottom up enterprise that promotes ethics over profit, values over image and idealism over hype


Restaurants serving only locally-sourced food.

Artist-controlled radio networks.

Consumer co-ops for organic clothing.

Antipreneur is grassroots capitalism that deals in products we actually need -- and believe in. No sweatshops. Create Your Own Antipreneur Curriculum.

Antipreneurial movements like Open Source, Blogging and P2P, and a growing number of individuals are figuring out that creating their own newspaper, magazine, radio or TV channel is easier than ever to achieve. Their creations may not have the slick interface of the Big Dogs, but the level of innovation and the speed at which new ideas can be embedded in such Antipreneurial products and services can outperform more mainstream established businesses.

Skype, the first free Internet-based voice communication tool that works better and much more economically that a standard telephone it is not the fruit of research and engineering of a large multinational telecom. New P2P technologies like BitTorrent or the lesser known Byte Tornado utilized by the Cybersky-TV project, allow the distribution of audio, music and television programming (at broadcast quality levels) without the use of satellites, cable or antennas of any kind.

These Antipreneurial Strategies have big media execs shaking in their gucci loafers. These Antipreneur amateurs
are the new breed of professionals increasing their appeal to a jaded and highly sales averse populace. User-driven new products and services will continue to emerge from creative Antipreneurs successful at joint venturing new distribution

Secret Alternative Business Learning Technology Launches Your New Career.

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