Monday, April 18, 2005

HyperTracker Sets Trend In Market Testing

Affiliate Tracker (powered by is a tool created especially to track your affiliate links.

If you are promoting a product in more than one place, affiliate tracker will show you exactly which ads REALLY PULL IN the visitors.
In order to track your HyperTracker affiliate traffic, you need to create campaigns. (Just click on "Create new campaign" and type the name to the box. The name of the campaign will be added to your affiliate link and you will be able to see which campaigns are most effective! In order to see the results, just go to Check Stats and choose "Traffic and Sales Graph". Just choose the product and campaign you would like to look up, we'll reveal the numbers! You'll immediately see the effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns. Affiliate tracker will automatically count the number of unique visitors who clicked through your affiliate links for each campaign.

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