Monday, July 06, 2009

Stop The Cellphone Bleeding!

I want you to know that I would'nt be wasting your time or
mine if I didn’t think this was a legitimate opportunity for
us to change our financial futures in ways we never dreamed possible.

I am currently a sculptor in Alabama. I work long hours
with plenty of stress but would like to be spending more time
with my family and pursuing other interests. I have been
researching web based businesses for years and have seen many
business proposals through the internet over the past several months.
Nothing has impressed me until Now.

I have not been this excited in years. I truly believe this
is the chance of a lifetime to secure financial independence
and regain personal freedom.

Please take the time to seriously consider this as it could very
well be the answer to some of your dreams as well. I know
you’ve heard about once in a lifetime opportunities many
times before but trust me on this one and I think you will be
glad you did.


New Technology Arrived On July 1, 2009!!

For years this technology has been kept under wraps while it
was being developed….now ready. A cutting edge technology
that delivers a whole new kind of mobile and wireless
experience. An experience that is unlimited and not typical of
what you would normally find in the wireless industry! Flat
rate fee of 79.95 per month!!

Features never seen until now. Services and plans that are
unequaled in the industry…bar none! No hidden fees or
charges, No credit checks, No contracts! Unlimited everything
including text, email, internet and long distance with service
to 40 countries globally!

This technology has the capability of plugging to your cable to
allow you to choose movies, news or other TV…. Right
straight from your cell phone!

What about other specialty products?

National ID theft recovery system with proprietary recovery
software with Live support to help you recover your stolen
identity. Online shopping mall: get cash back and save 5-50%
through our online stores. You can even set your own retail
prices..AND! you earn the difference between wholesale and
retail!! Discount Plus Card that will save up to 50% at over
85,000 discount locations including personal services, sports
and entertainment. Coupons that you can print out to save
you 100s of dollars a month.

What about travel services?

Global Verge Travel: Your Website will allow you to book
travel just like Travelocity or Orbitz! Hotels, cars, flights,
vacation packages, condos, cruises and destination guides.
Outstanding service and global booking support.

How about Eco products?

Pow-R-Save: Reduced electrical consumption means more
money in your pocket. Save money on your monthly electric
costs. No installation required…just plug in and
save..UL/CE/RoHS tested and approved. Water from air
machines: never run out of drinking water. This machine
makes water out of the air we breathe, then filters and
purifies. State of the art technology. Everyone will want one
of these machines.

And the compensation plan?

Like you have never seen! Exclusively designed vertical and
horizontal compression with 3 X 9 matrix. No holes. Everyone
gets paid!!

We have joined the fastest growing team in the company. We
are exploding the charts! We have levels already built down
to 12 with 40 new members joining daily. Our calls have 700-
1000 callers attending three times daily. You are in the right
place at the right time with the right team for the right

For 69.95 start up and 39.95 per month thereafter, you can
own your business and become part of the most phenomenal
business opportunity to come along in a decade. This
business is on the ground floor with projected enrollment of
300,000 by years end and over a million associates in the
next 12 months. This is truly the chance of a lifetime.

With all that said I would like to invite you to join our team!
For more info, there are opportunity calls three times every
day for you to hear. Don’t miss out on this!!

Calls are everyday at 12:00 pm EST, 4:00 pm EST, 10:30 pm
EST. You will hear from big money earners in this industry as
they describe the incredible earning potential of this

# 212-796-1700
PIN 2120#

Also, go to the following website and watch a four minute
video that could change your life forever. Thousands of
ordinary people are going to realize financial dreams they
never thought possible.

Would you like to be one of them???

In the meantime, have a long serious look at what you could
be earning with this new technology….it is mind blowing and
will be life changing. You will be joining a team that can get
you where you want to go.

Finally, please feel free to contact us anytime directly.

Wishing You Nothing But The Best,

Bill Whetstone

Skype: TVisio

Ph#: 205-908-1890

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