Thursday, December 13, 2007

Orphan Domain Profits Recent Trend

It's Matt and Shawn with more info on how you can get
those huge profits from simple domains.

Here's one of our favorite ways to get paid from these

We do...



That's right. We simply grab a domain and "park" it
with our preferred service (at N0 charge). They handle
the hosting and optimize the ads on the page for best

We do nothing.

When the ads get clicks and the parking service gets
paid by advertisers, they pay us.

We still do nothing. (Except cash the check, of course!)

What kind of numbers can you see from this?

Matt bought for 60 bucks in June 2006. He
simply parked the domain and it brought in $182.62 in
the first 30 days for a 200% profit.

But... since the parking service optimizes the page to
improve the results, the profits have increased and
Matt got $301.28 in October 2006. Not bad for a
simple $60 investment!

How do you quickly and easily find domains like Matt does?

Here's where to get all the answers you need and get started right away.

Yours in success,

Matt Smith
Shawn Casey

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